Friday, January 21, 2011

simple makeup day-out

All you need are:
Concealer (to cover eye bag and redness around the nose) - mine is Elianto
Press powder - mine is Pixy in colour Natural Beige
Brush for press powder - mine is Elf Powder Brush
Bronzer (for shading the nose) - mine is In to It (forget the colour =P)
Blusher - mine is Avon (forget the colour =P)
Mascara - mine is Maybeline Cat Eyes Mascara
Eye Liner - Mary Kay in black
Two liptick - both from Rimmel , nude and pink blush in colour
All were keep inside the Dior pink cosmetic bag...easy to carry along whenever go out and need to touch up.

For face..actually, this is my face routine..after wash the face..i'll apply the eye cream, from Biosence..follow by Loreal Day Cream..and last is sunblock spf-50 by neutrogena..Spf-50 should be enough for our whether, so hot out there, rite??!!..

Hihihi..demam ker..speaking london pulak.mekap ni adalah the very simple and light head pun tak menutup sepenuhnya, because aku tak pakai faundation, sbb kalo ber'foundation, terasa dah tebal mekap nyer oii...make up yang di pakai selalu pun murah-murah saja..gambar di atas kelihatan mulus lagi..lets check below picas..
Hahaha...yang ni memang terserlah bintik hitam..since sek menengah aku dah naik bintik2 hitam tu..dah macam2 produk guna, tapi still tak hilang2 jugak..tapi agak berkurang la sedikit skrg ni..sejak aku amalkan scrub dari ST Ives tu twice a week...dulu memang tak suka, benci sgt..but now..terima seadanya..i'm happy with that :)


ShA-RiFa said...

u're so lovely...

*maybe we can share tips n thoughts bout make-up

imma make-up freak too :D


applemintlady said...

ish..lain la mekap..omey.. :)

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